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Earth Basics has managed more than 100 million square feet of earthwork ventures which include warehouses, retail centers, office complexes, food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and more.  Extensive in-house resources enable Earth Basics to tailor their services to meet and exceed their client’s needs and project objectives.  Earth Basics efficiently coordinates their earthwork, focusing on time, cost and quality issues to guarantee results.  Each project is unique, varying in scope, requiring customized designs, approaches, and applications.  A systematic yet adaptable project management program is key for project success.  By paying close attention to detail, quality is raised while simultaneously controlling costs.  We anticipate and avoid problems rather than fixing them once they happen.  No matter which direction your projects may take, Earth Basics stands ready to meet your earthwork needs.


Over the past decade, the Western US has seen the opposite end of the weather spectrum. The drought and the following weather systems that followed have changed our landscapes, damaged pre-existing infrastructure and cause millions in damage. Levees and flood control built before the drought may not be ready for the next waves of winter weather we have recently witnessed. In foresight flood control and storm water control has become a recent addition to our capabilities for all industries. This was natural to move for us, as we already offer civil engineering services, technology services, and equipment to perform this type of work, which is typically needed on very short notice. Earth Basics’ culture and customer service attitude allows for a quick response in a time of need, and we have what it takes to get the job done in a timely and cost efficient manner. 


Structure demolition, boulder removal, uprooting trees and vegetation. If you got it, Earth Basics can clear it out.  Our unique earthwork experience in the business allows us to ‘value engineer’ the project, while planning and scheduling to account for all project obstacles from the start.  Depending on your needs, Earth Basics can centralize the process and assume responsibility for everything from conceptual development through the design and construction.  We know what works best, and can quickly and efficiently perform the task. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


The key feature of the world’s greatest golf courses is their grounds.  Our expert crews and a specialized fleet of heavy equipment provide premium earthworks, excavation, and land clearing services to achieve even the most complicated elements of course design.From ground zero to C of O we do it all. Our estimating department uses cutting edge technology to produce accurate takeoffs and 3D modeling. With GPS Machine and Grade Control technology, ensuring we save your time and money on your project by getting it done faster, with incredible accuracy, and with minimal surveying costs to the property owner.


Governments exist to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens.  America’s public works systems are part of the framework for that existence.  Earth Basics infrastructure design can provide roads for safe travel, utilities for clean water, parks for recreation, and storm water management for protection against flooding.  The quality of these infrastructure systems (roads, water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drainage), impact the perception of the area and reflect its reputation.  These types of projects have always been a great fit for the Earth Basics team.


Building a track home community is a large undertaking and land planning feet. Without the proper earthworks team, your project can be delayed or even worse encounter costly problems down the road. Our team at Earth  Basics takes pride in our attention to detail with land development and controlled earthwork. Many subcontractors continuously praise and hope to start their work behind the earthwork's execution of work done on the preliminary subdivision plans,  subdivision plat, and general grading.


Matthew MacRitchie 

Head of Estimating -Fullmer Construction

"Over twenty years or so, we have been using Earth Basics as a grading contractor. Earth Basics has always been fair with costs,  numbers and efficiency in the field. It always impresses me when the Owner shows up on the jobsite to deal with problems or issues that may arise. Bob Pecoy is that type of Owner and does just that."

Kelly LePere 

Vice President -Norm Wilson & Sons

“Norm Wilsons & Sons has relied on Earth Basics to provide knowledgeable service, timely construction and competitive pricing.  Their extensive history of work in the Southern California area gives them a distinct advantage in understanding the local soil conditions and municipal hurdles. Using up to date technology they attack each project with knowledgeable staff and reliable equipment.  Earth Basics is a valuable contractor for both Norm Wilsons and sons and our clients.”  

Steve Knoell 

Vice President Estimating -HBI Construction Inc.

"Earth Basics from the office to the field is a professional Grading Contractor that not only performs in the field but brings to light issues that may become problematic before their price is ever submitted on a project. Earth Basics is a proactive team player that tries to help us and the owner assess potential issues before they ever occur. We value Earth Basics as one of our key subcontractors and appreciate their expertise."

Earth Basics leads in value added engineering while specializing in earthwork, excavation, heavy general engineering, site balancing, mass grading, ripping, scarification, moisture conditioning, dozing, 3D site modeling, land clearing, demolition, earthwork finishing,  landfill closers and much more. Working throughout California, Arizona, and Texas, our highly trained staff develops innovative solutions to a variety of land and infrastructure needs in both the private and public sectors. Our team works in tandem with civil and soils engineer to establish balanced job sites during the essential preliminary stages of construction and site development. It is a common fact that most contractors prefer to start their work after Earth Basics develops perfected building pads.







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