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“Fullmer Construction has relied on Earth Basics to provide knowledgeable service, timely construction and competitive pricing.  Their extensive history of work in the Southern California area gives them a distinct advantage in understanding the local soil conditions and municipal hurdles.   Using up to date technology they attack each project with knowledgeable staff and reliable equipment.  Earth Basics is a valuable contractor for both Fullmer and our clients.”                              

Matthew MacRitchie – Head of Estimating – Fullmer Construction



"Over twenty years or so, we have been using Earth Basics as a grading contractor. Earth Basics has always been fair with costs,  numbers and efficiency in the field. It always impresses me when the Owner shows up on the jobsite to deal with problems or issues that may arise. Bob Pecoy is that type of Owner and does just that."

Kelly LePere - Vice President -Norm Wilson and Sons




"At HBI Construction our clients trust us to deliver a quality product, on time at a very competitive price. We are able to do this by the relationships we have developed with key subcontractors. Earth Basics from the office to the field is a professional Grading Contractor that not only performs in the field but brings to light issues that may become problematic before their price is ever submitted on a project. Earth Basics is a proactive team player that tries to help us and the owner assess potential issues before they ever occur. We value Earth Basics as one of our key subcontractors and appreciate their expertise which allows us to better serve our clients."

Steve Knoell, Vice President Estimating HBI Construction, Inc. - Commercial Construction

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